Sunday, July 21, 2013

Free Passes to the South Bay Yoga Conference

Win (2) One Day All Access Passes to the South Bay Yoga Conference

Our mission is to help you grow your soul. Help us help you by describing your experience with us. Between now and July 26th, Comment on Facebook or Blog about your experience while attending a Soul Garden Space event, using one of our products, or a session with Jenn Tamera at  Breathe Bodyworks. Soul Garden Space is Breathe Bodyworks umbrella company, so you can comment on either page. You will then be entered to win (2) One Day All Access Passes to the South Bay Yoga Conference

The Winner will be announced on July 27th.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Do you Isagaya Flow?

Isagaya What you ask?

Isagaya is the combination of two words from the Philippine Tagalog language, "ISA" meaning "One" and "GAYA" meaning "Reflecting". Getting in touch with your own body and searching within is key to Isagaya Flow. Isagaya Flow Technique was created by Jenn Tamera. She has incorporated her joy of movement and knowledge of the body to bring this unique style to you. Here she shares more about how to use energywork with your practice, and come into the space of your heart.

Have you tried Isagaya Flow? What has been your experience? What your favorite Isagaya Flow move?

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