Monday, September 10, 2012

Aka Dua Playshop "Shining our Sunlight"

Today felt like record breaking heat. While many people were staying indoors to avoid this heatwave, Soul Garden Space opened it's doors with the intention of providing a space for everyone to shine their light. Today's playshop was an introduction to Aka Dua, which is Egyptian for "inner most light". It is a refined solar energetic substance that is here to assist us in healing and shining our light. Those in attendance learned a brief history about Aka Dua, as well as some of it's benefits & uses. The Level 1 participants shared their experience with Aka Dua, and had an opportunity to play with the energy even further, and then were able to receive their Level 2 Attunement. Aka Dua's roots can be traced back to Atlantis, Egyptian rituals, and to the Toltec king Ce Acatl Quetzalcoatl. Aka Dua's many uses include enhancing: healing, playing music, yoga, reciting mantras, and bringing objects (like crystals) to life. If you came to the playshop, please share your experiences here. Or if you've had an Aka Dua activation, please share what's opened up for you since you've received it.

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